About the Maker
I first got into musical instrument construction in 1993. The first instrument that I built was a
guitar built from parts purchased from Mossman Guitars, they sold the parts to me because they
had made small mistakes on them and it was easier for them to just start over from scratch on a
new piece of wood rather than taking the time to repair a mistake. The next year I built my first
violin and have been building mostly violins since then. To date I have built about a dozen
guitars of all styles , a mandolin, and more than forty violin family instruments.

I love building violins but it is not intellectually challenging enough so I decided back in 2003
that it was time to build less violins and go to school for a physics degree. I completed my
bachelor's in physics in May 2007 at Texas A&M Commerce. I am now just starting graduate
school for physics at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins Colorado.

During the three month period between completing my bachelor's degree and starting graduate
school I worked in the physics department at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I spent this
time developing an acoustic reflectometer which can be used to study the properties of air jet
driven woodwind instruments such as flutes, organ pipes, and in particular recorders. I found
this project so interesting that I have purchased everything that I need to build my own
reflectometer so that I can develop the instrument in order to study previously overlooked
aspects of violin acoustics. As I conduct violin acoustics experiments I will post interesting
information on this website.