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Below is a 16.5" viola that I have built. I have just put a new set of dominant strings on and now I am waiting
for it to finish settling in to the new setup. The pegs, tailpiece, and fingerboard are ebony and the chinrest is is
carved from black walnut. The chinrest looks a little pale now but will darken with use.

If you are interested in this instrument the please
e-mail me or call at (903) 461-8742.
William Johnston
Old Town
Ft. Collins, CO 80521

1 903 461-8742
This is an instrument rarely seen today, it is called a violino picollo. It's an instrument that
was designed at the same time as the violin and was meant for playing the higher passages in
some pieces of music. The tuning would be approximately an octave above a viola.  The
inspiration for this instrument comes from a very well preserved example built by the Amati
family in 1613.
If you would like more information about this small violin or are interested in
purchasing it then just
email me.