Instrument Prices
Usually I try to keep a violin on hand so that interested violinists can try
one of my instruments on trial in their homes to see if it will suit their
needs. Sometimes however a musician might want something special,
like a highly flamed maple back or a different varnish color. If you would
like to have an instrument that is custom built for you then I will be more
than happy to build it for you. Just
email me or call at 1 903 461-8742 so
that we can discuss what you would like. The following are my current
prices for a new instrument.

Modern Violins             $2600
Baroque Violins            $2600

Fractional Violins
3/4 size or 1/2 size  $1750
1/4 size or smaller  $1600

Baroque or modern $2700

Tenor Violas
for baroque performance $2700

With unfigured poplar back $5750
With flamed maple back        $6750
Since commissioned instruments are custom built
for a musician they are not sent out on a one week
trial period. To commission an instrument I need
to be paid half of the cost of the instrument before
the instrument is begun so that I know you are
serious about purchasing the violin. The other half
is due before the violin is given to the player.

If you would like to commission a new William
Johnston instrument please contact me.

1 903 461-8742