Acoustics Research
At the moment I am working on a violin acoustics project to determine the acoustic impedance
of violin f-holes. The violin's f-hole influences the sound that the violin produces in two main
ways. First it modifies and provides a way for the cavity resonances of the hollow air cavity in
the violin to radiate outwards to where a violinist or listener can hear them. The f-holes also
modify the way that the violin's top, and also the rest of the body, vibrates.

The purpose of my acoustics project is to focus on how the f-holes effect the air cavity and allow
for sound produced in that cavity to radiate out to where we can hear it. This is not a simple
project to do but I am a good way into this project. I have made some initial measurements of a
Guarneri pattern f-hole's impedance. While the data obtained cannot in any way be called
"exciting", it is interesting.

One of my goals for this project is to determine if there is any measurable difference between the
acoustic properties of Strad, Guarneri, and Amati pattern f-holes. My second goal, though much
more difficult, is to try to design f-holes for a viola that would allow a small viola to radiate low
frequency sound more effectively. This would allow a small viola to produce a deeper tone. This
part of my project though is currently just planning and thinking. For now I need to try to
understand standard violin f-holes before I try to improve viola designs.